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About Us

At BLOW IT, we are committed to providing our customers with nothing less than the finest carefully picked products, backed with service that is fast, friendly and always professional and guaranteed with a smile. Our skilled staff of professionals is dedicated to the safety, beauty and timeliness of your wishes. Your satisfaction is our goal with every gift order while we strive to be as courteous, responsive, and efficient as possible.

We provide a personalized delivery service of a wide range of gifts which we will be continuously expanding and updating so that our customers always have a wider and certainly different selection from which to pick in order to wish their loved ones for any occasion. We are dedicated and above all committed towards delivering your wishes throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the excellence in service and quality products. We specialize in inflated helium and air balloon bouquets, as we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality. All of our latex balloons come with ULTRA Hi FLOAT, a liquid inserted in all of our latex balloons for FREE to conceal the helium, which increases the average float time of a latex balloon by 25 times.

Blowit includes a card with each gift you send. When checking out just write a note of up to 125 characters and we will take care of the rest for an even more personalized feel.

We are in support of a greener planet and therefore only use latex balloons that are 100% BIODEGRADEABLE. A latex balloon can actually biodegrade faster than a leaf from an oak tree! We only use Qualatex manufactured latex balloons, which are earth friendly. The rubber trees from which the latex for balloons is harvested, are one of the main forms of vegetation in tropical rain forests, which in recent years have become crucial to maintaining the earth's fragile ecological balance. Harvesting latex can be more profitable to poor third world nations than raising cattle on the deforested land.

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